Tuna Snacks!

While grocery shopping today I came across a room-temperature meat-food-product that was too weird to pass up.  The name itself 'tuna snacks' doesn't sound right to begin with.  However, it got really scary when I picked up the package to find that it was a folded metal-paper-foil thing reminiscent of a grade school milk carton.  It was scarier still when I shook the container... liquid.

Now... if I'm seeing the serving suggestion correctly, those pinkish cubes are the meat, correct?  I see that they're packed in water, but shaking the carton they sound like they're absorbed with water.  Again to my surprise, though upon opening the innovative packaging I found that there were a couple dozen neatly stacked cubes of 'tuna snacks' floating around in the oil/water mixture.

In the above picture you can barely make out the shape of the fish-meat building blocks, but they're in there.   At the advice of the container, and my own common sense (and fear for my well-being), I drained these cubic delights in a colander and then put a few on a plate for culinary enjoyment.

With them uncovered from their broth substance I began to think I was looking at the fish equivalent of Spam, but it turns out again I was wrong.  The texture is still quite what you would expect from any common variety of canned tuna.  This surprised me as the number one ingredient on the list is 'TUNA PASTE'  OMG! NOT FISH PASTE!!!1111 Despite the waterlogged mouth feel, they still had a bit of a normal canned tuna texture and were actually quite tasty, as far as seventy-five cent cartons of tuna snacks go.  


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